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Cornish Artists:

I fear the likes of Hepworth, Heron, Ingham, Feiler, Frost, Gabo, Lanyon, Mitchell, Nicholson, Wells, Weiska, Wynter may never be seen again down here and I consider myself very fortunate to have caught the tail end of that cutting edge group and knowing some of them as friends.  Although we have Annear, Armitage, Emmanuel, Le Grice, McClure, Lynch, Mumford, Pinkett and Strang they are a disparate group when compared to the close-knit community of the original St Ives School.

Newlyn Artists:

The Newlyn School of Painting has been well established nationally since the turn of the 20th Century.  Some of the principal members of the School are Lamorna Birch, Walter Langley, Laura Knight, Alfred Mullins and Stanhope Forbes,  For Romi the School is mainly of interest as a record of beautifully painted nostalgic documents of the locality, landscape and way of life, not all of which is entirely lost to us.  She likes the feeling of unease that could well have existed between the fishing and artist communities in Newlyn, i.e. the fishermen describe the artists being ‘as weird as fish!’

Paintings Bath:

Romi Behrens is an artist who has lived and worked in Cornwall for the last fifty years.  Her paintings are available for viewing and purchase with her agent in Bath or from her studio near Penzance in Cornwall.  The artist would prefer any prospective purchaser to view the paintings before they buy.


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Still Lifes

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Paintings Cornwall

Paintings Cornwall